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Mein Haus ist dein Haus

(My House Is Your House)

Lublin, Poland, 2009

site-specific, paper, paste


The title My House is Your House names the openness and will to share space. This is akin to the welcoming gesture of Spanish speaking countries: mi casa es tu casa (my House is your house). 


My House is Your House, is a site-specific work in the backyard of the old town of Lublin. It used to be a Jewish home and later, it became a house in the Lublin ghetto. In 2009, the house seemed forgotten and abandoned. Poor, old, and homeless people found shelter there.

My work took place in the backyard, which also leads to the center of the building. I pasted paper from my notebook in the facade of the building. The neighbors thought I was a conservator and later, they tried to move the paper that soon would have been washed away by rain and wind. 

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